Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pastels Galore!

Have you heard about the pastel trend lately?  We are seeing them everywhere!  Read on for great ways to incorporate pastels into wedding planning, event decor, and even personal style!

Maximize creativity by starting with an organized space to pin up ideas and create a story board:

Keep a good collection of dishes on hand for events.  Mix and match pastels, brights, and patterns for an eclectic look:

Spring weddings and events lend wonderful opportunities to be playful with color.  Arrange table settings using whites to make pastels pop!  Try pairing pale yellows and greens together, and pale pinks and purples complement each other nicely as well:

Pastel wedding cakes can really add a soft and feminine touch:

Take gorgeous pastel bouquets to the next level by pairing them with metallic accents to catch the light:

Bridesmaid dresses in pastel hues have become extremely popular.  Almost any skin color can be complemented by these tones, and they are great for other spring and summer events as well.  Also, look for versatile pastel shoes that can take you through the summer, from weddings to outdoor barbecues:

Enhance pastel clothing and accessories with subtle pastel makeup.  Soft purples, peaches, and greens look great on eyes, while pale pinks and peaches are perfect for lips.  If you go wild for the pastel trend and are looking to stand out, you can always consider peach highlights, which are very popular right now!

Pastels can be great as focal points and also as accents to enhance neutrals or brighter colors.  Let us know how you decide to incorporate this trend for spring and summer!

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