Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2012!!

Over the years, bridesmaid dresses have gained a reputation for being less than attractive, but these days, there are so many pretty options that can actually be worn again, instead of ending up in a thrift store!
We have noticed three main trends for dresses that can make the bridesmaids stand out without the risk of upstaging the bride.

1.  Find your own!
Many brides are picking a color scheme or general length but allowing bridesmaids to pick dresses that suit their individual styles.  This is a guarantee that your bridesmaids will feel comfortable, and you can still maintain the color for your theme.

2.  The convertible dress!
In recent years, convertible or "twist" dresses have become very popular for bridesmaids.  The bride chooses the length, color, and fabric but allows the bridesmaids to adjust straps for distinguishing styles.

3.  Unique details!
Weddings have become much more unique and personalized and so have bridesmaid dresses!  Cute colors, patterns, and detailed accessories can add elements that make your day even more special!

What are your favorite bridesmaid dress trends?  Let us know!

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